Welcome to our home page

Here is a normal welcome / landing page.

This is a really important page and is all part of our Starter website package.

It should provide everything you need for your business for potential customers to check out what you do and make contact.

This site can used very effectively as art of your marketing on social media.

The Really Important Pages

Welcome / Landing Page

Our Starter web site focuses on this welcome page, This were you define what you can provide as a business. Please also provide a picture for the top of the site. The pictures are optional but most believe that it makes the site look more appealing

About Us Page

Supply the some text about your business and a picture or two.

Contact Us Page

Just supply us a picture and we will do the rest

About Us

Here is where you describe your business, it’s history and it’s future plans.

If you have some accreditations you could further reference them here

You can also have pictures within the page

This could also include pictures of your team

Contact Us

Henry Internet

13 Ogilvy Square

Tel: 01905 921164

Or please use the contact form below.